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On 16th October, 2023

I'm Safe is loaded with the following features

We are a group of technology enthusiasts who have come up with a ground-breaking, reliable, feasible and efficient solution to combat violence against women. And this solution is global, easy to use and Free!

Today we need your support to take this solution to our women who need safety. Your help can make a huge difference!


“Excellent, much needed app for our times, you have our full support.”
Global anti-trafficking expert,
CEO Mekong Club, Hong Kong.
“I was amazed by the app's speed and effectiveness”
President and Global CEO
of Advocates International, USA.

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The free personal version of I’m Safe can save individuals for their safety.
The Org version is currently used by organisations to equip their staff with SoS, Anonymous reporting, work place compliance and grievance redressal. You can share about I’m Safe with you friends; family and business networks.

Have suggestions to improve ?

Your feedback and ideas are valuable to us. Many of our features such as Fake Call were suggested to us by well-wishers like you.

Want to join our beta testing ?

We conduct regular Beta tests where we present the upcoming session of the app and make user experience enhancements based on your feedback during the hour-long beta testing.

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We are in need of volunteers to support our app and events. You can send your resume to

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